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Mosquito illustration
Mosquito illustration

Disease Carrying Insect
Education and Outreach Materials

Educational materials print-ready for any region.
Presented by Allen Wayne Ltd. in cooperation with Fairfax County Virginia.

Large mosquito illustration with bib and silverware
Mosquito illustration


The Skeeter Materials teach children and their parents about harmful mosquito diseases, and the benefits of insect prevention.



Story books, activity books, and informational brochures inform kids and parents about the habitats of ticks and mosquitoes and how to avoid infection.



Through these materials, there are tips, tricks, and best practices for how to prevent breeding and attraction of mosquitoes.

Mosquito illustration
Fight the Bite storybook
What's Bugging You storybook
Ricky Beats the Birthday Bites book
Score Against Bites coloring book
Bite Busters' Bug Time Stories book
Stinky Storm Drain storybook

The Disease Carrying Insects Program – "Fight The Bite!" materials began in 2005 under the direction of Dr. Jorge Arias (1943 – 2014). Spraying insecticides was not a viable option in Fairfax County (VA), thus Dr. Arias via the Fairfax County Health Department, developed the outreach initiative.


The outreach materials aim to educate the public on mosquito, tick, and other biting insect prevention. Inspiring residents to take preventative action, such as: choosing the right repellent, removing mosquito habitats, using structural barriers, and fight the bite.

“If people would ‘practice’ good protection habits against diseases, then we would have fewer cases to treat, less disease and thus, a healthier population.” –Dr. Arias


Bite Buster superhero illustration
Mosquito illustration
Pair of ticks illustraton
Tick illustration
Mosquito illustration
Mosquito illustration
Mosquito illustration


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